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  • Eight Channel HD-CVI/TVI/AHD Video
  • one bidirectional data on fiber optic core
  • Support Full HD (720P,1080P) for video transmitting
  • WDM Technology for Higher Reliability
  • FC and ST interface as fiber optic connector

This SAE-8V1bD-CVI-T/R is Eight Channel HD-CVI/TVI/AHD Video and One channel bidirectional Data of our products, use advanced analog and digital technologies for pursuing high performance data transmission over fiber optic. The transceiver; optionally, can send signals more than 120 kilometers on fiber.  

This equipment is fully transparent from front-end HD-CVI /TVI /AHD video device perspective. Additionally, just one fiber core is used to transmit all mentioned signals which can be any kind of fiber cables. 

The product is widely used in the field of CCTV, video surveillance, and national defense.

This Optical Transceiver is easily monitored by virtue of LED indicators of working status and without any electrical or optical regulation on site. 

This product is released in standalone and rack-mount (2U/4U) packages, please consider when you place an order.

SAE-8V1bD-CVI-T/R is made with high quality of rigorous screened components, which have superior performance in stability, environmental adaptability. It can work normally in very cold environment to scorching hot from -40℃ to +85 ℃.The product is planned in a way to have better resistance against corrosion and electromagnetic interference and work for years without any degradation in expected quality. Power input also made a suitable and reliable types of power, to get more powerful suitability to environment.


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