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Fiber Optical LC-LC Single Mode

  • Lucent connector/ little connector/ local connector
  • high-density connector/ cost effective/ field fit
  • SFP and SFP+ transceivers, XFP transceivers




Considered by some to be the modern replacement of the SC connector; its introduction was less successful, in part due to initially high license fees from inventor Lucent Corporation. Also a push-pull connector, the LC utilizes a latch as opposed to the SC locking tab and with a smaller ferrule it is known as a small form factor connector. Having half the footprint of the SC connector gives it huge popularity in datacoms and other high-density patch applications, as its combination of small size and latch feature make it ideal for densely populated racks/panels. With the introduction of LC compatible transceivers and active networking components, its steady growth in the FTTH arena is likely to continue.

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